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Based On “Pro-People Governments” versus

“Current Establishment” Ruling The World


Pro-People Governments

The Current    Establishment


A lot better world has materialized. People are healthier, happier; there is no war threat; environment is cleaner and things overall are improving quickly.

Use your imagination; as a guide you can look at what direction has the establishment been taking for a long time. Where will this direction take us? There is one thing for sure, and that is that a major change in the establishment’s direction is needed ASAP.


World population will be greatly reduced; people will, on the average, live to be 100 years old and will die of old age, not of disease. Life will be very enjoyable.


We’ll live, on the average, till the age of 150. We’ll have communities in other parts of space. Man has changed. It is programmed to be able to have tremendous pleasures and will also have a very strong drive to live in peace with other civilizations of our universe, but will be powerful enough to fight any kind of evil. Living robots will be performing most tasks. Man’s average IQ will be 200.


We need to  

  • Push for openness in our society. People must be free to discuss politics without any negative impact on their careers. Dictators must not be killed; they must be given immunity for telling us the truth of how they worked for foreign interests, with all details. Only this type of openness, or Glasnost, as Gorbachev called it, will jump start a positive change in our society.
  • The consumer society is wrong. The campaign for women to have mini hips, campaign to be successful, rich, famous, extroverted, trivial, etc. must end immediately. Education in arts and culture, and of healthy emotions and empathy, must replace teaching kids’ violence, unnatural sexual practices, etc.
  • Push for world peace, justice, state independence
  • Create world federation of states
  • We may not be alone in this world and we don’t want to lose to some evil force from the outer space, in some distant future, or to some other disaster that could come from space, so we need to develop a worldwide defense system to protect our planet from the outside and at the same time stop any type of antidemocratic movement or aggression within the federation.
  • We need to let our population grow beyond this planet – and when we one day meet with other advanced civilizations; we should strive to create a federation of worlds, but we must be strong; we must be prepared to fight off any potential space enemies, even if it is millions of years from now.
  • Limit population, radically over time. No family should be allowed to have more than two children. There is no reason to have such a high population that would eventually cause that we will all suffer, as we would exhaust the needed natural resources. It is better to have one child, who lives a great life than to have several, who suffer throughout their lives. In overpopulated countries like India and China the limit must be one child per family.
  • We need to develop a genetically superior race; only then will we succeed – if our planet meets with enemies that could attack us or invade from space. Schools must teach children about genetic advantages of mixing races, about advantages of artificial insemination with sperm originating from sperm-bank of exceptional individuals, etc. Women and families who agree to such insemination would then have tax advantages and other benefits.
  • Good nutrition and schooling that exercise the brain and body is a good start in developing healthy functioning human beings.
  • Racial hate must be eliminated. If it takes a mild form of Communism in some countries or regions, it must be done. Hate is a disease that needs to be fought with prevention and necessary force so it does not grow into an epidemic like it did in Nazi Germany.
  • An individual, who promotes hate crimes needs to be punished to the same extent as the one who caries on these crimes.
  • We must stop the myth promoted by the media that our systém is the best, that no one has ever discovered a better system. We must stop promotion of the nonsense that rich life is “the” way to go, that money equals happiness, that rich people are good and generous, etc. Once the media starts portraying them the way they are, shallow, pathetic, with little true comapssion, they will feel little less secure about themselves and will try to live more normal, more fulfilling life, maybe will even become compassionate enough to let go of most of their ritches to help the ones who need the money a lot more than they do. There is no need for any revolution, no need to confiscate anyone‘s property, just show the rich and powerful the way they truly are; don‘t feed untrue image to them and to anyone else.
  • Because the media is in “their” hands and does everything to make „them“ feel good, which it does by portraying them and their lifestyles as something better, it is necessary to spread the truth among people in some different way. So please, make coppies of CD-ROMs of this book and distribute them further; spread around similar idea from other books; make coppies of certain films and videos and give them to people you know. Only when most people in this word start seeing the truth, when they stop seeing the world without the distorted glasses of the media, will the media be forced to chanage the way they report things. It will have to be truthful, or no one will believe them. The politicians too will have to be truthful, or no one will vote for them.



Look into the Future

 The following is timelier today than ever.


Prophesy Of Doom


This is an old, long time ago discovered script. I corrected the language to make it easier to read.


·         The world is different than it seems.

·         The people who rule mean something different than they say.

·         You cast your voice for something else than you think.

·         The biggest danger before you is the one you can’t see.

·         Most truths you hear are lies.

·         The one who betrays you most is the king and his men.

·         The fight for force that creates fire and lightning is the last war that will engulf the nations.

·         You can’t win; you can’t run; you can’t hide; you can’t act like a man.

·         Your king’s men can secretly watch you and hear your every word.

·         A man is made that is half animal.

·         The disasters are not natural but stem from invisible force sent from the direction perpendicular to the direction between where Sun rises and falls.

·         Men are kept alive by many medicine men. If not for them, they die as children.

·         Man will grow as a new body for the one who rules.

·         The one who rules works for the king of death.

·         If the doom is not stopped, most men will die or will be damaged by invisible force. The king of death will forever rule the man, his children, and all future children. They will wish they were never born. The promised lands that most survivors will be sent to will be graveyards.

·         There will be a chance to stop the doom by a man who finds this script and receives answers from a woman, who writes them in her sleep. It will be up to the man then to stop the doom, but he must also find the key.

·         If all this takes place, the doom will be stopped and destruction of all nations will be avoided.

·         If and when the doom is stopped, the nations will be divided. They will not be able to agree on how to proceed. Then only a brave, hard working entrepreneuring nation, created from people who came from all directions, hardened by enemies that surround it, can lead the world. This nation will see the future clearly and a will present the best path on how to enter into building a forever lasting union of nations and how to bring them all from the darkness into the light. This nation will be selected by leaders of other nations to rule the world until the time comes when leaders of all nations can see the light. Then all the nations will cast voices as to whom they want them to lead next, at a time when lightness will forever guide them to a lot better life.


Does this prophecy remind us a little of where our world is heading? Is the “king of death” the Devil? Which is the nation that will lead? There are many nations that fit this description, including the Czechs; their genetic makeup is 40% Western Slavic, 25% Roman, 11% German, 11% South Slavic, 9% Jewish, and 4% Eastern nations. Naturally the Jews and a number of other nations would too qualify.



Old Man‘s Dream:


I woke up from a dream of war in the sky. I usually do not remember my dreams, but some are so vivid, so clear, so awful, and so scary, they impress strongly upon my mind. Often I do not know if I’m dreaming or if it’s real life. I see the future. It’s horrible. It will be the end of all our nations. All men must do everything they can to prevent it from coming to reality, but I do not see a clear way out. I am running with many people. We are all running. There is no place to run, no place to hide. Death comes from the sky. You can’t feel it. We see light flashes. We are still running. I am running in my dream. One man started this war, the war I see. We tried to stop him, missed by a wink of an eye, and he sent weapon into the sky – in the enemy direction. We could not stop him. It means the end of all the nations because the enemy quickly sent weapons back; they sent back a lot more weapons. Destruction was coming from more directions, from more nations. There were light flashes above the clouds. We could see the sky lighting up. I was running with many people; earth was filled with people running, and there were many trees and tall plants and stone-like bridges and structures and there were flashes in the dark clouded sky; we could not hide from the force we could not see, force that did not kill, but when hit, one would die. I knew we will all die. I saw the ones who tried to hide inside the structures. They almost made it. I tried to hide under a bridge. I know I will die. All men must do everything they can to stop this man. I met an angel today and another one yesterday. They are among us. New world awaits us. The road taken is wrong. There are other roads, and the one that is “the road” is hidden. We must find it. In my dreams I live in the past and I see the future. I don’t know if what I write is right or why I write it. I don’t know why I’m having these dreams. I think that a spirit from a distance sends them to my mind.



Simple Guide to a Better Life


·         Live and work as much as possible in an unpolluted environment

·         Eat healthy foods and take extra nutritional supplements – at least multiple vitamins; try to eat organic foods as much as possible.

·         If you are sick, try alternative medicine – homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine, etc., in addition to treatment by a doctor who preferably uses natural methods in his practice.

·         Make sure your kids receive as much education as possible – in something that is useful to the society – well paid – and what they enjoy

·         Expose your children to arts and culture

·         Lead them to religion, not because you necessarily believe that there is God, but in our times of decadency and epidemics of STD’s religion can show them a better, safer way, plus having faith helps program their minds positively and also makes it easier for them to find a husband or a wife, who will support them and will stay with them through the thick and thin.

·         Have no debts.





Looking at the world from a less radical viewpoint, the reality becomes a little different. We see a world that is being run primarily by older men. They come from abnormal families and have lived abnormal lives. They are not abnormal because they are crazy; they are abnormal, because they don’t live lives like regular people do, so their view of how life is in the real world is quite distorted. They have developed paranoid personalities because all their lives someone tried to get some of their wealth. They don’t even trust their wives; they think that these women married them for money. And they are right; they did marry them for money, but also for their power.


These people don’t know how to change the system, but they have the power to keep it perpetuating. They don’t mean any harm to the society, to us ordinary people. On the contrary; they are trying to help us all, and I mean it. They belong to powerful secret organizations, like the Illuminati and Trilateral Commission. They are responsible for stopping Hitler and for fall of the Soviet empire.


These powerful secret organizations will eventually get us all ruled by one-world government. It will not be all slavery as the radical conspiracy theorists see it. It will free us from criminals, drugs, epidemics of infectious diseases, from wars and hunger. It will be a totalitarian society, something like the Gorbachev-style Communism was, but the system will function well economically.


These modern day kingmakers are not bad men, but to even be considered for joining their secret societies, like e.g. the Bilderberg, you need to think like they do. You have to be set in such ways as to continue with the same scenario that they had developed and have been using for a long time. Within this scenario will be future unpleasant events, but overall in the end it will be a great improvement to what we have right now.


These rich and powerful men do the best they can to get us into a better future, into what they consider to be better future, but since most of them are old, they, like all older people, will not try anything new, something that may seem radical to them, something which has not been proven to work. What they are doing has worked for them in the past, has been tested many times; it has helped the rich preserve their wealth and with that their lives and power. Are they fair in their race for riches? Of course not! But they need their riches because they need their power!





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